The Four Key Elements of Smart Fitness

Smart fitness training balances the four elements for a better state of health.Make sure your fitness program includes aerobic fitness, muscular fitness, stretching and strengthening exercises.Whether you are a fitness beginner or an exercise fanatic, it is essential to have a well-established fitness program.If you use these four elements of fitness training then you will definitely get a well-balanced routine:1. Aerobic fitnessAerobic exercises, also known as heart resistance activity represent the essence of most fitness programs. Aerobic exercises make you breathe faster and more deeply, therefore they will increase the amount of oxygen in your blood.If you do the correct form of aerobic fitness, the heart, lungs and blood vessels will transport more efficiently the oxygen in the entire body.Aerobic exercises include any physical activity that involves using multiple muscle groups and increase heart rate. Try to walk faster or do activities such as jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing and water aerobics at least thirty minutes every day.2. Muscular fitnessMuscular fitness is another key component of a smart fitness-training program. Muscular fitness workouts strengthen your bones and reshape your muscles properly. Other benefits include increases in connective tissue strength, anaerobic power, low-back health, and self-esteem.These exercises will also help you maintain your muscle mass during a weight loss program.Note that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for subscriptions or other expensive equipment to obtain these benefits. Bodyweight matters a lot, so try to do push ups, crunches and squats. I am a big follower of home fitness training because it works great.3. StretchingMost aerobic activities can cause you painful muscle contractures. To avoid this problem during your fitness routine, it is very important to stretch your muscles.Do not stretch until you have at least warmed up thoroughly. Walking at a faster rate or running at low intensity for 5-10 minutes will do the trick. Stretching at the end of your workout is also highly recommended.Keep in mind that if you do not exercise regularly, you need to do stretching at least three times a week to maintain your flexibility.4. Strengthening exercisesAbdominal, back and pelvis muscles (known as core muscles) have a protective role of the upper back and maintain the connection between the upper and lower body movements.Strengthening exercises will help you develop the muscles that are needed to block the spine when you do your fitness routine. These exercises will allow you to use upper and lower body muscles more efficiently.So,if you want to be strong, flexible and in excellent physical shape, you must include the four elements mentioned above, in your fitness program.Keep in mind that smart fitness plus smart diet equals smart people.For more information on SMART FITNESS, make sure and follow the link in the resource box below.To your best year ever,Edward Platz, Full-Time Dream Achiever

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